What's Cookin'?

A few weekends ago I managed to get a bit scrappy ;) I cased one of Susan's layouts. I love her clean-lined, kid-friendly style and her layouts make great sketches for jumping-off points. These two cooking layouts were actually done without the photos because I didn't have the photos printed (and was out of ink in my printer) so they didn't get completed until a week of so after I made the pages.

This page was perfect for using up all those stickers that I adored but had no idea what to really do with. Both C and A still love their aprons and wear them any time I bake so that they can help, which, trust me, is quite often, lol! C is getting old enough to start helping cook just a little bit. I have her mix the saute veggies or help brown meat to try to get her accustomed to what it's like to cook. It's hard sometimes since she gets scared of the heat on the stove. Ever since Audrey burned her hand on the stove, both girls have been very wary of the range and oven. That can be good though. Being careful while cooking definitely isn't a bad thing ;) Anyways, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the pages!


Sparkle said...

Such a darling layout!

Danni said...

You know I'm a huge fan of your layouts! These are amazing!

Alice Wertz said...

your girls are such cuties!! =) fabulous layouts. love all the details. love them both!