Our Store

I have to admit that even though I love the Echo Park's paper lines, I really have a hard time using them for some reason - unless it's for making goodies for the girls' room, lol. They currently have a new fun paper chain along one wall of their room. I used up all those papers that I adored, haven't been able to scrap with, probably won't scrap with, but love too much to simply give away. Now they decorate C and A's room and it looks so very cute! I get to see the designs all the time now ;) Anyway, I did keep a couple sheets that I knew I'd scrap with and the background paper was one of those. The sticker sets come in ultra handy too, which I also used here. Another Susan case, you should probably expect that of all my layouts until my next summer break when I have more time to fuss over my pages, lol. Anyway, just a silly layout of my silly girls. I couldn't figure out what they were doing two years ago until C saw the pictures while I was scrapping. She cuddled up to me while I started putting the page together and said, "Hey, that's our old store!" When I asked her about it she told me the whole story of how they were setting up a shop for their dolls and animals. So that's what they were doing, lol. Now I know ;)

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Bananastamper said...

Too cute! For some reason the photo and the story remind me of watching Mr. Dress-up. I think he used to make a store.....that was a long time ago! lol