Library Book Bags

The semester is finished, yay! I've got some crafty plans - scrapping our zoo pictures, playing in some card challenges, and of course lots of sewing - and I've got some family plans - days at the pool, picnics and park visits, plus some light hiking. I'm excited for my next couple of weeks off ;) Earlier this year I had picked up a Central Park charm pack by Moda from my favorite quilt shop. I have loved just looking at all these little 5" fabric squares but it was time to use them on something and the girls and I decided that something would be library book bags! I'm simply separated 2 sets of 9 charms for each bag, focusing on a blues and oranges for A's and purples and yellows for C's. I lined the insides with solid fabric I had on hand (A's is pale blue, C's is deep purple) then used some fat quarters for the straps. I also added some interfacing to make the totes a bit more sturdy. The girls and I love how they turned out!

At the beginning of June the weekly reading activity started at the library. The goal is to read 10 books a week (for the younger kids). Being that we usually check out anywhere from 12-18 books and I end up carrying about 9-15 of those, I thought some cute book bags would help encourage my little readers to help carry at least a few more of their chosen stories. Though I'm just getting to post the bags now, they've been well loved the past couple months and I'm glad to say that the plan worked out great! Now each of them can carry at least 5 books. Anyway, thanks for popping by to see what we've been up to and have a spectacular Saturday!

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Bananastamper said...

These turned out great! Such fun prints!
Enjoy your time off!