Christmas Cards - Red and Pink

Hot cocoa is one of my favorite parts of winter and fall. It gets so hot here during the spring and summer, and well part of the fall here too, that most of the year I don't want to drink anything hot. No coffee or lattes, no tea or hot cocoa. For 8 months of the year I stick to iced chai lattes, ice tea, and icy water, so it's a welcome change when the weather gets cold and I crave the comfort of warm drinks and creamy soups.

My other favorite thing about the cooler weather is my fall/winter wardrobe. I always feel like it's so much cuter than my summer one, lol. I love layers and scarves and boots ;) And even though I like the cooler weather better than our super hot summers, I can't imagine living someplace that gets too much colder than it does here. I'd hate to shovel snow, drive in snow, or be stuck in snow, lol. Anyhoo, I hope you're all ready for Christmas ;) Our girls have been asking if it's Christmas yet every day since school got out, lol. Enjoy the cards and have a wonderful Wednesday!


BananaStamper said...

Great cards Marjorie! You would NOT want to live in Thunder Bay, ON where I am. We recently had a stretch where the high for the day was about -20c and the low with wind chill was -35c! lol. I really appreciate the other seasons when the decide to roll around. We got really lucky last year and were treated to a super early spring - here's hoping that happens again!
Happy Holidays!
ps. That of course, translates to LOTS of hot chocolate, and especially peppermint tea for me!

Sparkle said...

These are just darling!