Some Papertrey Valentines

I have had this paper for a little while now. And though I love it, everytime I pull it out it stumps me, lol! So I thought to do something a little out of the box and make a couple valentines to start me off with it. I still have one really nice sized scrap for a layout, but the main thing is that I'm hoping this got my creative juices going to I can use the other papers I got with it that match, lol!

I started with a small card. This was so trial and error in the beginning, lol! The paper was stumping me, but I just felt inspired to use it, and not only that but the stamps were stumping me as well. A couple nights ago when I didn't have the time to craft I was coming up with all sorts of ideas in my head with these hearts, but once I got a chance to sit down they all just flew out my ears! But after a half an hour or so of cutting, shaking my head, and redoing stamping and placements I finally got this little baby done. I really like how the paper gets shown off in this little card. I'll probably use it as a love note, to just tuck into Paul's backpack to give him an unexpected happy surprise while he's working hard at school.

The regular sized card came together really easy after the first one. I took the same design idea of layering and clustering the images and sentiment together as in the little card. Then I matted the whole thing in white for a crisp frame. I think I got the wrong punches though. They are the Marvy Heart punches, but they don't fit these stamps really. I got the blue and green which are the right size but don't seem to match the shape. There are only 2 Marvy heart punches I've seen, this one and then the country heart so I'm not sure if Papertrey has exclusive punches or if that was the way they were designed to fit. It looks a bit off to me, but oh well. I used 40% off coupons on the punches and the girls love them. I will probably let Caitlyn do some punched hearts for her Valentines this year ^_~ Enjoy and have good week!


Wendy said...

This looks like some very nice cards! Nice work!

Seleise said...

cute, cute!

Kelly L aka Littlekel90 said...

Very nicely done, Marjorie! I can see why this paper would stump you. me, too, but I think pulling a couple of the colors from it and working with that really made it look Terrific! :) Kelly

pat said...

WOW!! you are way ahead of me!!!
I haven't even thought about V-Day cards yet!!!
These are very cute cards!!


catt871 said...

wow, you did a great job with the paper - they are both awesome!!! Thanks for the Christmas card, btw....I totally forgot to say that when I got it!!!

Deb said...

beautiful cards Marjorie, love the colours of these!