At the Playground

These are actually the last two layouts I made in 2008. For some reason I forgot to post them and didn't notice until looking through my photobucket pics for another layout I had missed posting in my IB gallery. The pictures are some of the very many that my dear SIL took of us at the park with her little camera. I printed less than half of them and still ended up with so many, lol! This top layout is of Audrey on the slide. It was and still is her favorite thing to at the playground.

For this layout I really did my best to come up with a design that used a lot of photos up but showcased a couple bigger photos that I didn't want to crop as well. I fit 14 photos between these two pages! They are a bunch of different shots of the girls playing and a couple of Paul and I helping them around the playground. I added in journaling to each page, the left Cait's and the right Audrey's about how they like to play at this age, with Caitlyn being more confident now and Audrey still timid but trying harder to keep up with her big sister. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!!

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