A Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I know it's a week late, lol. This month has been pretty chilly for us and it seems every day the girls get to have hot cocoa which is what inspired this card. I haven't really been on the computer the last couple weeks hence my lack of blogging and missing last color challenge. In my last post I was talking about resolutions and how I had been thinking of some already. One of those was to get on the computer less so I guess I'm off to good start, lol. I also have submitted a layout already. But mostly I've just been spending time with family and friends. It's been really nice to just relax, hang out, and not worry about all the extra stuff. This year I want to not worry about how much I post on my blog, or whether or not I've created something today or even this week and to spend more time simply enjoying life.

So I was thinking about my crafting resolutions for this year that would fit with my priorities and I came up with creating only what I love, instead of creating more. I want to submit at least 10 items for publication, mostly just to get me to do my best work and try to get my mind thinking innovatively. I kept my goal really reasonable as I probably will only be submitting layouts. I also want to keep up with the Inspired Blueprints sketches. That's only 2 a month and I'm pretty certain I can handle that. The only card goal I have is to keep up with Sparkle's Christmas Card challenges so that I'll have my cards for next Christmas done. I love making cards in general and know I'll just end up making a ton of other cards no matter what so I'm not worried about keeping up with the other challenges I had been. And I also want to learn to take better pictures. That is my biggest goal for the year... well that and losing the baby fat, lol.

So did I complete my resolutions for last year? Well, I don't recall really making any except to try for the page a day goal. And while I didn't reach that goal I still got 279 pages finished and improved my scrapping a ton! So I can say that I'm happy with where I got on that one. I also always have the goal of getting rid of this baby fat. I got close by the time summer came but have gotten it all back since the holidays plus some (ack!). My new goal this next year is to just be healthier and remember portions, lol. That's the hardest part for me especially during the holiday season! Anyone have any interesting resolutions? Or has that time for thinking of them come and gone already, lol? I think my most important resolution this year is to live more simply and enjoy the little things more. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great bringing in of the new year! Have a happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!


Sparkle said...

I love the raspberry fizz! Your card makes me hope that spring will come soon. :) I'm over winter, lol. Great card dearie!

Deb said...

Beautiful card, I so love the sentiment, will have to use that one sometime! Well done on planning out your goals, I will have to join you in Sparkles christmas challenge, I must keep on top of them this year!