Back to School

For Caitlyn, coming back to school after winter break has pretty much been like starting a new year. She has a new teacher, a new class full of new friends, and an entirely new schedule. They do a lot of things differently than in her other class. She doesn't have her own schedule board, the activities they do are as a group, and there are more kids in the class. It's more like a preschool. So far she's done alright. She was really afraid of some of the new things, like the game where they pop the balloon and the Alligator game, but other than that she has been able to listen which was my main concern.

The first day back for her was both so fun and a bit sad. This semester it worked out to where both Paul and Cait have afternoon classes. It wasn't planned that way, Paul had signed up for his classes before we knew about Cait moving up to the higher level class. So I drop him off right before dropping of Cait since his first class is at 1pm and Cait's class starts at 1:15. We had just dropped Paul off at the college and were headed back to Caitlyn's school which is closer to home. One of my favorite songs, In My Arms by Plumb, was playing and the girls were singing at the top of their lungs. It made me laugh, they were so cute, and when I laughed they started to laugh and then tried to sing even louder, lol. This is one of the many things I love about having little girls. They sound so darling, singing the words they know and making up words for the parts they don't, it's just too adorable.

Caitlyn was so funny on her first day. She apparently kept telling her new teacher 'That's not how we do it.' LOL All of the new things she had to do, like the games and not having a schedule she would tell her teacher or the aide 'Teacher Collette doesn't do it like that.' I just had to laugh! She would do what she was supposed to after her teacher told her that this is how we do it in this class, but I can just imagine Cait doing her little 'well' stance and saying that to her new teacher, lol. Caitlyn has such a funny little stance where she stands with one hip sticking out a little and her head slightly tipped when she tries to convince me of something. Her tell for trying to change my mind almost always starts will a long drawn out 'wellll.....' followed by what she wants, lol. Sometimes it's 'but', but usually it's well. It cracks me up.

Anyway, to go on Audrey and I dropped off Caitie and half way home Audrey started sobbing. She was crying so badly and I kept asking her what was wrong but all she would do is cry harder. So finally I asked if she missed Caitie, since I remembered this happening on Caitlyn's first day of school back in September. She said 'miss Caitie' in the saddest little voice then did that little shaky breath in before whimpering and calming down somewhat. It was the saddest thing, she even had huge tears on her cheeks still when I got her out of the car! She was so happy when we finally picked Caitie up. Every ten minutes or so she was asking 'pick up Caitie?' or 'go get Caitie now?' She's fine with it now, but that first day... boy was it a roller coaster ride of emotions between the both of them. Of course that's what I get for having girls, lol!! Have a happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by!


Sparkle said...

What a great pic! I am so jealous...wish I could have some sun! :) Your girls are too cute.

Seleise said...

darling pic! And such a cute story of little Audrey. My nephew did the same thing with his big sis. They torment each other at home but the minute one or the other is gone - they're moping until the other one gets home. Great story!