I finally got some time to scrap. And while I should be working on some of the IB sketches, I couldn't help but use up some new papers I got. Pebbles was having a 50% all My Minds Eye products this last week so I bought some of the goodies from the Laundry Line that I had been eyeing for quite some time now. I find that I have to shop for my supplies by sets. I pick out paper, then peruse around the store to find accents, embellishments, and ribbon to match. The funny thing is when I get home, instead of keeping the sets together I put everything away according to product, so when I go to create I have no idea what sets I had made at the store and am starting from scratch. I buy that way to make it easier for me to scrap, but by putting it all away I'm essentially sabotaging myself, lol. But this time I decided to keep my sets together, and boy did it make my scrapping go by fast. I completed 5 layouts in a single evening! Now I'll have something to share each morning this week :D For fun, how do you like to shop for your crafting supplies? What do you do with yours when you get them home?

This first layout I'm sharing today is about Cait's #1 bedtime stalling tactic last year. It always began with the phrase "But, I can't!" followed by her doing anything and everything she could to show us that she is just too cute to be sent to bed. At the time I didn't think she could get much worse with the staying up thing, but she is constantly finding reasons to get out of bed now. Like 'I need to wash my hands!', 'I can't find my blanky!', 'There's monsters in the walls!', the list goes on forever some nights, lol. Other nights she simply sneaks out of bed and reads or plays really quiet in the hallway. A few months ago it was easy to tell when she did this as she was really noisy, but now she has become super stealthy! We won't even catch her until we are walking down the hall for something, and when she sees us she pops up like a bunny and hops off to her room, lol! I'm sure I'm only in for more creative antics in the future, and when Audrey gets a bit bigger it'll be double trouble!!


Giffysk8s said...

Sweet, funny story! Emma is only 23 months and is already starting to stall at bedtime. THey are too smart!

Love this layout. The colors are adorable. Cait's expressions are too cute!

Oh how I wish I had access to a scrapbook store like yours! Then again, I could get into some real trouble that way...

Marcia P said...

Great layout, as usual.

Had a chuckle at your bed time story, think most parents have been through this, I love the excuse of 'I'm too tired'.... gets me smiling everytime!

:) Marcia

Sparkle said...

She always makes the cutest faces! I love your layout and I too buy in sets and seperate by item when I come home. I should try keeping things together, lol.