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Today is my 30th birthday! Is it strange that I'm happy to finally be in my 30s, lol? I've always felt older than I am, pretty much all my life. Now that I am 30, I finally feel more like my age ;) Anyway, I decided that since it's my b-day, I'd post the cupcake set I made for the sister cards. This was one of my favorite sets, mostly because I just love the cupcakes. This is definitely my go-to birthday stamp set. As for my day, I'm not doing much really and that's perfectly wonderful for me. The kiddos are still in school and I've been hustling to make the last of the Christmas prezzies. Today will be all about relaxing though. I'm planning on doing whatever I want, so probably reading, lol. The hubby will be taking me out to dinner tonight so I won't have to cook either ;)

However, I will be making a cake. For Cherry's b-day she had requested a chocolate cake with strawberry icing. I hate canned icing so I decided we'd just pick up some strawberry extract and I'd make the icing like I usually do. Only we couldn't find strawberry anywhere. But we did find raspberry and luckily she's an easy going girl and was okay with that. So I made chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese icing and it was SO GOOD! So, I decided that for my birthday we'd double it up and make it a chocolate raspberry cake with the raspberry cream cheese icing (in addition to the hubs already taking me out to dinner and having dessert there as well, lol). So I'm excited for that, and a day off ;) Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the cards and have a happy Monday!

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Bananastamper said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you've had a fantastic day! Great set of cards too, love the color scheme!
Happy Holidays!
Shanna :)