Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Here are some more of the Christmas cards I made. I got them all sent out on Friday, yay! Hopefully they will get to their destinations before Christmas. This batch is with the sweet color theme from the houses. I just love how candyland it feels. This one was one of my favorites. I love the text and the fun houses, it's just so cute and sweet!

For the most part these cards came together pretty quickly. The sewing took extra time, but I think it added that little extra something that keeps the cards from looking too plain. I did all 20 cards in a single day, so that's saying something for the quickness of them, at least compared to my usual cards ;) Of course none of them have any stamping either. I think if I need to do cards mass produced again I'll do a stamped up set. Maybe I'll make one just in case for next year, lol. Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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