Hey, No Peeking!

I love the vintage look of some of these tags. Of course to me instead of seeing them as vintage, I see them more as Pip Boy style from Fallout, lol. I guess that's just how nerdy I am ;) Either way, they made darling cards. I love pretty much all of them! The tags and borders were the most fun to work with in this set, probably because they are larger and more substantial. The stickers were cute, but most of them were a bit smaller so they didn't fill the cards quite as much as I like.

So that's the last of them! Our quickie Christmas cards that I made for this year. I do realize if I had prioritized a little better I would have made Christmas cards over Thanksgiving weekend and done the gift card sets after the semester was over. Ah well, live and learn ;) Hope you enjoyed them! Have a great day!

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Bananastamper said...

My goodness girl you have been busy!!! These look great! Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday!
Shanna :)