Kitty Skirt and Refashioned Shorts

I've been trying to fit in some back-to-school sewing. This was some remnant fabric I picked up from Joann's probably 2-3 years ago. I'm sure I had some idea for a little blankie with it - back then all the fabric I bought was for potential kid's quilts. I also had this black floral fat quarter hanging around, which I probably picked up about the same time as the remnant. They've obviously been sitting around unloved for quite a while and since my girls aren't getting any smaller I thought I should get it used up. I whipped up a simple tiered skirt a la no pattern for Apple since she's our resident cat lover. I'm not crazy about the material, but Apple seems to make anything look cute so it works ;) Besides, she loves the kitties and I suppose that's all that really matters.

This is a refashion from Cherry's darling cordouroy leggings that she got for Christmas. She's just been so hard on clothes this past year. These were her favorite pants and they had huge gaping holes in the knees since she wore them all the time. Because they taper and are quite snug even on my little string bean daughter, I couldn't cuff them like I wanted to originally. So I found some matching fabric in my stash and proceeded to refashion them into shorts with a cute ruffle. Luckily for me, even though Cherry was upset at losing her pants, she was really happy with the ruffle addition. I'm hoping to make a matching pillowcase tank to go with it using the rest of the fat quarter print and some solid pink that I have onhand. First I have to either buy or learn how to make bias tape though. Anyway, thanks for stopping by ;) Have a wonderful weekend!

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Sparkle said...

Too cute! I love the ruffles for C though!