Altering My Sketchbook

My drawing class requires two drawing pads. The octopus is on an 18x24 inch drawing pad and this one is my sketch book, just 9x12. I didn't really come up with a plan for these books ahead of time, instead they both worked out with one thing leading to another. With the octopus, it started with the blue pencil that led to a blue varigated D that led to fishes in the rest of the letters which led to the octopus. This sketch pad went much quicker mostly because it's quite a bit smaller, but also because the inspiration for the peacock came immediately after I finished coloring in the sketch of the girl. The colors I picked ended up reminding me of a peacock so I went with it starting with the feather and then drawing the bird's profile in the left corner. The colors are much darker and saturated in real life, probably because I used a flash again since it's late and I know I won't get around to taking any photos in the morning. Anyway, even though I'm not doing anything crafty, I thought I'd share ;) Hope you enjoy and are having a great week! Thanks for visiting!

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Bananastamper said...

Wow, I love what you did with your sketch books! You sure won't mix yours up with anyone else's!