Hang Out

Sorry for being such an absent blogger this past month, April has been crazy for us here! Inspired Blueprints was having a sketch bonanza for April so there were 8 sketches released! I got 2 of them done before things got hectic and here's the first one. The girls on our neighbor's swing last year. It's been Caitlyn and Audrey's hang out spot since she got it a couple years ago. They love to just sit there swinging or pretend it's a hammock or eat snacks outside. Our neighbor is such a sweetheart that she lets us use it so much. It's even been home to me as I read outside while the girls play in the yard. I used the #13 sketch for this one. I'm still not sure I'm loving the brown base but everything else I adore. Uses some old MME papers and accents, Colorbok clear sparkle butterflys, and American Crafts thickers and flair button. If you want to know what's been happening, read on.

We've had a lot of doctors apppointments between Paul and Caitlyn, mostly Caitlyn this past month, one of them we had to travel for over 300 miles away (that one was for Paul). We found out Caitie also has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and she had to have some occupational therapy in addition to her speech for a couple weeks. We were also getting her registered for Kindergarten which was a nightmare since we needed to opt out of the bilingual school here and then they changed the boundaries for the families that opt out the week of our preschool transition meeting. So that was a roller coaster ride all on it's on, not including the traumatizing well-child check-up, lol.

We also found out that Paul having all these relapses is fairly normal for people with R/R MS. The neurologist said if he was doing well before the relapses he has a good chance of doing well after they stop. He also said Paul could have relapses like this for a couple years at a time, but the good news is that the meds that he's on help make his stable time longer and can help reduce the time he spends having relapses. With his first episode it was 3 years before he reached a stable level and he only got 4 stable years before this last year of relapses hit, but he hadn't been able to stay on any of the medications. Patients in the clinical trials for the same genre of meds usually have close to 10 stable years inbetween flare ups. So now that he's on a medication that works for him we're hoping that he'll recover sooner from this stint of flare ups and have more stable years after :D

Just typing it makes it seem like this past month wasn't too bad but I think it's always that way in retrospect! I felt like everyday there was new drama and I am so not used to that, lol. Audrey has testing this Thursday for delays and Caitie's kindergarten open house is on Thursday as well which wouldn't be a problem exept that our car broke down today! We don't know what's wrong yet. I went to pick up Cait from school and then when we got in to go home it started then died. Luckily the insurance is picking up the tow tab, but until we know what's up we won't know what else they might cover for us. Caitie and I are fine. She was so funny trying to make sense of why we couldn't get the car to work and told her teacher that our car was stopped when she came out into the lobby to see what was up, lol. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, we'll be getting some lazy summer days soon so that I can recharge after all this and maybe create more, lol.


Giffysk8s said...

Wow, Marjorie~life has been happenin' in your house, huh? I hope you are doing as well as you sound. Miss talking to you!

Alanna said...

Cute layout. I've been thinking about you in your blogging absence thinking that your life must be a bit crazy. Here's hoping that it can slow down a bit and that everyone is doing well.

Jenn said...

Super cute layout of the girls! So glad to see you posting your work again...I so missed it! :) Hope all is well and I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers! :)

Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Hey Marjorie, thought life must have been giving you some grief given the blog break ... looks like you have your hands full at the moment. So glad to see you are still able to smile through most of it.

Take care hun and I hope everything gets back on track for you real soon. A few prayers for you guys coming from Australia!

x Marcia P