2 Timid

Supplies : Paper by My Minds Eye; Transparency by Creative Imaginations; Thickers, Flair Button, and Big Brads by American Crafts;

This was the second layout I did for the sketch, flipping it horizontally. These are last year pics of Audrey. It still shocks me each day how big she's getting. With Caitlyn it just seemed so regular, I was expecting her to get bigger, but I guess since Audrey is my 'baby' I still have a hard time with her growing taller and becoming more like her big sister. She's in Cait's clothes from last year and it was so bittersweet that she fit in some of them perfectly. I think it's interesting that with Caitlyn I enjoy each stage yet am excited to see how she grows into a little girl. Even now I get excited for each new birthday for Caitlyn and can't wait to see what talents she developes, what kinds of clothes she'll pick out, books she'll want to read, etc. With Audrey I wish more I could stop time and keep her as my small snuggly little tot. The other day she snuck out and fell asleep in the hall. When I picked her up I actually thought she was Caitlyn and it wasn't until I got to Caitie's bed that I realized it was Audrey. It made me think about how similar they are and that I need to let her spread her wings too. I encourage so much independence with Caitlyn. Everything with her is 'you can do it' or at the very least 'keep trying'. With Audrey I instantly do things for her instead of letting her try them for herself and I need to let her be more independent just like I did with Cait. Anyway, that was my own little insightful mommy moment this last week, lol. Enjoy the layout and have a great weekend!


Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the paper and colors. You make the most beautiful layouts!

scrappingmommy2 said...

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Christine said...

This is the firs time I've looked at your blog. You have a lot of beautiful layouts!

pat said...

this layout is awesome!! love the colors...BTW stop by my blog I left something there for you.

Anonymous said...

Great layouts on your blog. I am the same way with my baby. I want to keep him little because I know he will be my last little one. I have 7 kids and I'm constantly telling the older 5 (well exceptthe two oldest they are 23 and 17)they can do it on their own, but not so much with my 3 year old and almost never with my 2 year old. I want them to stay little for as long as possible, but I know that isn't realistic. Oh well, they are going to become more independent whether we want them to or not.

Your blog is great. Love everything you have.


Kelly L aka Littlekel90 said...

Awesome layout of your precious girls (scanned below too since I have missed so much), and I can totally relate. I only have one, but I wanted to keep him little too. I was always doing things for him and now that he's a teenager he is finally becoming more independent. Believe me you will be glad you encourage her to do more while she is young. :)

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

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