2 Seconds

Supplies : Paper and Sticker Elements by Pebbles Inc.; journaling paper by Collage Press; Thickers Letters and Flair Button by American Crafts

For Inspired Blueprints sketch #16 I made this layout. Instead of using the one big picture I used two smaller ones of Cait. The journaling is about how she can go from sweetheart to super sassy in less than 2 seconds! In fact I think the pictures were taken about that far a part time wise as well, lol. These pebbles papers are so darling but I noticed I'm still trying to find my groove with them. You know how some papers you just know how you want to use them and others you love but aren't sure what do with them yet? That's where I'm at with these still. Here I am again loving everything but am not sure about the base paper, lol.

Our poor car is okay. The fuel pump went out and I'm really glad that it happened while it was parked and in a safe place. Apparently we were extremely lucky it didn't set the car on fire while we were driving. The mechanic said the way it went out usually sets engines on fire some parts in the pump were completely melted even, which is really scary since I started up the car about 4 more times after it went out before even calling Paul and he started it a couple times after that to try and figure out what was wrong. God really watched out for us. I didn't even have my cell with me. I remember thinking, I'm just picking up Cait, I'll be right back. I'm so thankful everything is okay and we were safe. Plus the tab isn't too horrible, lol. The only bad part is no one has our pump in town so we won't have the car back until Sat, Mon at the latest. Thanks for all the support, it's so wonderful to know others care about what's going on ^_~ and have a happy Thursday!


Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

That's great news on two fronts Marjorie ..... and yes, you were being watched for that day!

Glad one less thing to add to the plate at the moment.

Marcia P

Alanna said...

Another darling layout. I really like the paper you used. Your layouts are always so "just right".

I'm glad your car problems won't set you back too much and that everyone is safe.

Sparkle said...

Glad you're all safe and that the car will be okay. Your layout is gorgeous and matches her outfit! :) I love her expressions, lol.