Have a Happy Christmas!

Just popping in to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season! 


Hey, No Peeking!

I love the vintage look of some of these tags. Of course to me instead of seeing them as vintage, I see them more as Pip Boy style from Fallout, lol. I guess that's just how nerdy I am ;) Either way, they made darling cards. I love pretty much all of them! The tags and borders were the most fun to work with in this set, probably because they are larger and more substantial. The stickers were cute, but most of them were a bit smaller so they didn't fill the cards quite as much as I like.

So that's the last of them! Our quickie Christmas cards that I made for this year. I do realize if I had prioritized a little better I would have made Christmas cards over Thanksgiving weekend and done the gift card sets after the semester was over. Ah well, live and learn ;) Hope you enjoyed them! Have a great day!


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Here are some more of the Christmas cards I made. I got them all sent out on Friday, yay! Hopefully they will get to their destinations before Christmas. This batch is with the sweet color theme from the houses. I just love how candyland it feels. This one was one of my favorites. I love the text and the fun houses, it's just so cute and sweet!

For the most part these cards came together pretty quickly. The sewing took extra time, but I think it added that little extra something that keeps the cards from looking too plain. I did all 20 cards in a single day, so that's saying something for the quickness of them, at least compared to my usual cards ;) Of course none of them have any stamping either. I think if I need to do cards mass produced again I'll do a stamped up set. Maybe I'll make one just in case for next year, lol. Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday!


Sister Cards - Tulips

I saved my favorite for last. I really love these tulips and the set is so fun to play with. I'm hoping to get in some time to create a fun little set for myself with these tulips ;) The colors speak very cozy to me, like a warm quilt and a cup of coffee. I know I usually think of spring and summer when I see tulips, but I kind of like that they are cozy here.

And this is the last set that I made. Everything else is just baked treats for our extended family. This year I'll be making cowboy cookies (peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip) and ginger chewies ;) Maybe I'll snap a pic of the gifty bags and their tags. I simply did another mass produced tag and paired it with regular kraft gift bags. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing all these mini sets. Have a wonderful week getting ready for the holidays! 


Sister Cards - Sweet

Today is my 30th birthday! Is it strange that I'm happy to finally be in my 30s, lol? I've always felt older than I am, pretty much all my life. Now that I am 30, I finally feel more like my age ;) Anyway, I decided that since it's my b-day, I'd post the cupcake set I made for the sister cards. This was one of my favorite sets, mostly because I just love the cupcakes. This is definitely my go-to birthday stamp set. As for my day, I'm not doing much really and that's perfectly wonderful for me. The kiddos are still in school and I've been hustling to make the last of the Christmas prezzies. Today will be all about relaxing though. I'm planning on doing whatever I want, so probably reading, lol. The hubby will be taking me out to dinner tonight so I won't have to cook either ;)

However, I will be making a cake. For Cherry's b-day she had requested a chocolate cake with strawberry icing. I hate canned icing so I decided we'd just pick up some strawberry extract and I'd make the icing like I usually do. Only we couldn't find strawberry anywhere. But we did find raspberry and luckily she's an easy going girl and was okay with that. So I made chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese icing and it was SO GOOD! So, I decided that for my birthday we'd double it up and make it a chocolate raspberry cake with the raspberry cream cheese icing (in addition to the hubs already taking me out to dinner and having dessert there as well, lol). So I'm excited for that, and a day off ;) Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the cards and have a happy Monday!


Sister Cards - Cheerful

These colors remind me of summer and sunshine. Plus the stamps are just very cute. Cherry loved this set, probably because of the bright colors. I really enjoyed mass producing all these cards. There's something about seeing them all packaged up pretty. I stacked and wrapped them with a cardstock strip then added a punched out label that I printed out for the card sets. They look so nice and Paul even said they looked all professional ;)

My favorite is the bird, probably because I was able to fit in the text flourishes on those cards. Though I do love those little tea cups. I only wish my ink came out better. It's really faded or dried out or something since the last time I used them (which was probably over a year ago!). Ah well, they still look pretty cute and that's what matters ;) Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday!