Modern Patchwork Razzelberry Apron

I'm gonna shock you with some actual pictures of me, lol. After making aprons for the girls, for gifts, for my mom and my MIL, I've finally made one just for me ;) I've been eyeing the fun aprons at Pier 1 for more than a year now but haven't wanted to fork out the $20 for something that is more frivolous than practical, at least in my mind. When Kelly started posting tutorials this month for a bunch of different knock-off aprons, I knew I would end up having to try my hand at sewing one of them up! So this past holiday weekend I used her Razzelberry tutorial to make my apron. It has the halter top style like the aprons I had been looking at. Then I improvised with a modern patchy look, both for fun and out of necessity (most of the fabrics I used are scraps from other projects). I love how it turned out!

A was taking the pictures and wanted me to do a 'dance' pose. Instead I just tried to do a cute mini jump though I'm not sure if it turned out very cute at all, lol. You can't tell from the pictures but all the ties are white, as is the lining, and then the white ruffle at the bottom just pulls it all together. I did have to make some adjustments to the pattern in the tutorial, since I'm a bit top-heavy. I just added an extra inch to the bottom of the halter pieces and then a half inch on each side for more coverage. Since I actually sew with 1/2" seams it simply made the finished halter pieces about the same size as the pattern. Anyway, Kelly had a few tutorials on different types of aprons like the Charlie Brown Apron, the Sail-Away Apron, and the Sandalwood Apron, all of them were part of her Be a Cutie in the Kitchen - Apron Week. If you've got the sewing bug, I recommend heading on over to her blog and picking your favorite style of apron to whip up! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous Monday!


BananaStamper said...

Such a fun apron - and great shots of you! It's always fun to see the ME shots oncd inawhile, but they are hard to get aren't they?!? Thanks for sharing! :)

Alanna said...

Fun apron and fun pics of you.