A Couple Thank You Cards

Wow, I didn't realize I'd been missing for so long! My last post was over two months ago! The good news is I did great this last semester and aced all my classes even though the work load was more than I'll probably ever take again, lol. It's just way too hard to take 6 classes and still take care of a family, well for me anyway, especially since I feel like I have to give 100% to everything ;) The bad news is that I've spent the last 2 1/2 weeks sick and more than a week of it practically bedridden because I have both viral and bacterial infections to get over. I've basically been down and out pretty much the entire time I had for the semester break since I'm taking summer courses. But I am feeling a bit better now. After I lost my voice, my visiting teachers brought our family dinner for two nights plus enough to last for leftovers for a few nights more. I really wanted to make them thank you cards, since it helped us out so much. So I had logged on last week just long enough to check out Sparkle's challenge, which was to use flowers, and there was a sketch for a challenge site she was hosting that week too. Here's the first card I made. I used the challenges, but didn't enter in time since I didn't feel well enough to edit the photos or post to the bloggo before today.

And here's the second card I made. I really wanted to try those rosettes that Sparkle had made months ago, and finally got the chance to try them out. My first ones were a little tight, they look more like spirals than rosettes, hehe. These second ones look a bit more like rosettes. Hopefully they aren't completely out of style yet, since I loved making them and think they are darling! And I just realized after looking at the photo that I didn't finish shading in her shirt! I hope that went unnoticed since Debra is a crafter herself, lol. The cards have long since been delivered by my sweetie hubby who has spent the last 2 weeks taking care of 3 sick girlies (yes, my poor daughters were sick as well though thankfully not as badly as I was). I haven't hugged, kissed, or even gotten to hold my little cuties for nearly 2 weeks now! I just don't want to get them to catch what I have since it's been so bad. But since today I'm feeling much better, I'm hoping by the weekend I'll be well enough to make up on all those missed snuggles! Thanks for sticking around ;) And I hope you enjoy the cards!

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Alanna said...

Great cards. Sorry to hear that you were so sick. Hopefully that's all behind you now.